PCIe-S1xx Series - Multi-port Serial Cards

The PCIe-S112/142 series are plug and play serial communication cards that provides industrial PCs with multiple non-isolated or isolated RS-232, and RS-422/RS-485 ports. Each port has a data transmission speed of up to 921600 bps and can be configured for full-duplex communication.

This series is equipped with an on-board ESD protection that protects industrial PCs and equipment from damages caused by high voltages; making them ideal for applications in harsh environments. The built-in photo coupler also provide electrical isolation that helps reduce dangerous ground loops, lightening surges, and voltage spikes in noisy industrial environments.

The PCIe-S112/142 series of serial communication cards are specifically designed for use with intelligent devices such as bar code readers, serial printers, intelligent sensors, industrial computers and any devices with RS-232, RS-422/RS-485 interfaces. Drivers are available for Windows and Linux operating systems.

Lead time: 5-7 working days from receipt of order.

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