Programmable Device Servers

Device talks with other devices to exchange information. But with large number of various devices, legacy serial devices have reached their limits and can no longer allow a variety of new languages to be understood by other devices. By programming, the IPC DAS PDS-700 series acts as a real-time translator (protocol converter) to enhance the communication between the serial devices. Also, by skillful programming and design, users can take advantage of the PDS-700 series to integrate devices and DI/DO channels for complex applications which a non-programmable device server never achieves.

We offers the XServer (including a wide range of lib and demo programs) for the PDS-700 series which allows users to quickly and easily build their own value-added custom firmware utilities that immediately turn serial devices from “dull” into “intelligent”. With this ability to customize user programs, projects will become more competitive.

The VxComm driver creates virtual COM ports on both 32- and 64-bit Windows 7 SP1/10/2012/2016, and maps them to the serial ports of the DS/PDS on the Ethernet network. Then users can directly access remote serial devices on the Ethernet through the virtual COM ports. This eliminates the need for reprogramming the original software, saves time and allows users to gain transparent access to serial devices through the Ethernet/Internet.

By using the VxComm utility, users can scan the PDS-700 series on the local Ethernet, configure the network settings of the DS/PDS, and perform widespread virtual COM port mapping in seconds. A built-in terminal program, which allows users to directly test the communication between the PC and the remote serial devices via either a virtual COM or TCP/IP, is provided via the VxComm utility.

Lead time: 5-7 working days from receipt of order.