DNM-800 Series Voltage Attenuators & Current Transfomers

DNM-800 series are Voltage Attenuators and Current Transformers designed for high-voltage applications. The current can be converted into +/-10 Vpp attenuated signal, so that a general electronic measuring device is able to read the signals. Compared to ICP DAS power meter products (PM-3033, PM-3133, and PM-4324 series), in addition to AC signals, the DNM-800 series can convert DC signals as well.

The users can use appropriate ICP DAS Remote I/O Modules such as M-7017R, I-87017RW, or ET-7217 to measure the converted +/-10 VDC signal via DNM-800 series. And use M-7017RMS or I-87017W-RMS to measure the AC signals.

By using DNM-800 series, the power data of all kinds of machines and AC/DC motors can be easily measured and retrieved, and then the analyzed data can be used to develop a model to build a failure warning system.

Lead time: 5-7 working days from receipt of order.

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