PCIe-S112 PCI Express, Serial Communication Board with 2 Isolated RS-232 ports


Key Features

  • Supports PCI Express x1
  • Provides 2 RS-232 ports
  • 256 KB Software Buffer (max.) for Each COM Port Under Windows
  • 128-byte Hardware FIFO for Each Port
  • Short Card Design


The ICP DAS PCIe-S112 series card provides 2 RS-232 serial ports. It is equipped with a 128-byte hardware FIFO for each port, supports for speed up to 921600 bps and supports full-duplex communication. Users may specify a COM port number manually by setting DIP switch, or let the driver choose an available number automatically. The driver provides a maximum of 256 KB software FIFO for each COM port under Windows. It’s practical for large file transmission.

The ICP DAS PCIe-S112 series serial communication card are designed for use with intelligent devices like bar code reader, serial printers, intelligent sensors, instrumentation equipment, computers and almost any device with an RS-232 port.