FEMA I3 Series Signal Converters & Isolators for Process signals

The FEMA I3 Series offers a range of isolated signal converters that are easily configurable, versatile and reliable for the most common industrial applications, at a low price. Its main characteristic is its versatility and the customisation option for applications.

Combined with a configurable output that can provide either a 4/20mA or 0/10Vdc signal with 3-way input-output-power isolation. Equipped with universal power supply 18 to 265 Vac / dc, multi-input and easily configurable through configuration codes. The FEMA I3 Series provides an easy and fast configuration using configuration codes and includes a toolset that can generate low and high output signals, to help validate your installation.

The FEMA I3 Series offers an interesting price reduction in exchange for a simplification of the configuration compared to higher series, offering measurement accuracy of around 0.5% and 3 acquisitions per second. The I3 Series benefits from economies of scale, making use of high-quality components, feeds, boxes and procedures from higher-end series.

In summary, the FEMA I3 Series is the recommended signal conditioner for machinery manufacturers, OEM integrators and commercial instrumentation integrators, as it has a fully configurable process input that is capable of taking: mA, Vdc, temperature sensors, potentiometers and resistance signals.

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