Atop IO5202 Series Industrial IoT Remote I/O Modules

The Atop IO5202 series are compact solution designed for connecting digital and analog devices and sensors which enables you to monitor, acquire and process data from remote sensors and control digital and analog outputs. The Atop IO5202 series are cost-effective solution for integrating existing applications into an IIoT framework such as automated manufacturing, building management and control, and agricultural and irrigation systems.

For applications in which running cable can be impractical, the Atop IO5202 WiFi-equipped version is a cable-free solution which allows for better scalability for operations that continue to evolve and grow.

Offering plug-and-play simplicity, the Atop IO5202 series supports numerous protocols including Modbus TCP/RTU/ASCII, MQTT, MQTT over TLS and SNMP. Using the intelligent processing and publishing features of the Atop IO5202 series, data can be polled, logged, or even automatically pushed when I/O statuses change.

Lead time: 5-7 working days from receipt of order.

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