Industrial VPN Routers

A virtual private network (VPN) Router is like a normal router you would use in your industrial applications except it has a VPN installed inside it. It is powered by firmware that allows it to manage VPN connections and then allow various devices to connect to the VPN service. The best VPN Routers come with random access memory (RAM) that lets them efficiently manage their workloads.

It has become essential for businesses to focus more on network security issues. The demand for information security has become the primary concern for the enterprises. To fulfill this demand, our range of VPN Security Routers offer an all-in-one appliance that carries several main categories across your network security deployments: Cyber Security, SPI firewall security protection, policy auditing (Content Filtering, VPN Tunnel and MAC/IP Filtering), AP Controller, Captive Portal, RADIUS and easy management (Setup Wizard, DHCP Server and Dashboard).

Furthermore, this range of VPN Routers has a Dual-WAN Failover, Outbound Load Balance and High-Availability features that can improve the network efficiency, whilst their web-based interface provides a friendly and consistent user experience.

These VPN Routers provide a complete data security and privacy for accessing and exchanging most sensitive data, built-in IPSec VPN function with DES/3DES/AES encryption and MD5/SHA-1/SHA-256/SHA-384/SHA-512 authentication, and GRE, SSL, PPTP and L2TP server mechanism.

Lead time: 7-10 working days from receipt of order.

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