tSH-700 Series

The ICP DAS tSH-700 module is a serial port sharer that provides a number of functions, including “Baud Rate Conversion”, “Modbus RTU/ASCII Conversion” and “Two Masters Share One Slave”. The built-in web server provides easy configuration interface, and no console commands are required.

The Baud Rate conversion function allows a single master device to communicate with slave devices using different baud rates and data formats. Most query-response protocols (half-duplex), e.g. DCON, are supported in the raw data mode. Full-duplex communication should also work when the data size is smaller than the built-in 512 bytes buffer on each serial port.

The Modbus RTU/ASCII conversion function allows a single Modbus RTU/ASCII master device to communicate with Modbus RTU/ASCII slave devices using different protocols, baud rates and data formats.

The two Masters share one Slave function allows two master devices connected to different serial ports to share slave devices.  Modbus mode can be used to convert the Modbus RTU/ASCII protocols, while raw data mode can be used for DCON or other query-response protocols. Different baud rates and data formats can also be used on the different serial ports. The built-in cache function reduces the loading of serial communication on the slave port by removing duplicated queries when the two master devices are requesting the same information.

The built-in read-cache function is used to store previous requests and responses of the Modbus messages in the memory buffer of the tSH-700 module. When other HMI/SCADA master controllers requiring the ame information from the same salve RTU device, the cached response is returned immediately. This feature dramatically reduces the loading on the slave serial port communication, ensures faster responses to the master, and improves the stability of the entire system.

Lead time: 5-7 working days from receipt of order.

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