Remote Motion Control Modules

The remote Ethernet motion control series consist of a four axis (ET-M8194H) and a six axis (ET-M8196F) stepping/pulse-type servo motion controller. Each motion control device is equipped with an Ethernet communication module and uses Modbus TCP/IP as its communication protocol. In a Modbus TCP network the ET-M8194H/ET-M8196F acts as a server.

All standard Modbus function codes are supported and therefore any Modbus TCP master (e.g. PC, PLC, HMI, PAC, etc.) can access the remote motion controller. Each device is equipped with two Ethernet ports which allow daisy chain Ethernet wiring; multiple devices can be connected together in sequence without an additional Ethernet switch.

These intelligent motion controllers has a variety of built in motion control functions such as multi-axis linear interpolation, circular interpolation, T/S-curve acceleration/deceleration, various synchronous actions and automatic homing.

A software utility assists the user in configuring the Ethernet module and motion card and provides some basic motion commands for testing. The application programming interface (API) allows the programmer to develop an application program to remotely control the motion device.

4 and 6 axes stepping/pulse-type motion controller. Both controller types support RS232, RS485 and RS422 serial communication and uses Modbus RTU as a communication protocol.

Serial communication speed can be set by selecting a standard baud rate. The remote controllers are defined as a Modbus slave. The standard Modbus functions are supported which enables the user to easily integrate the motion controller into an existing Modbus network. PC, HMI, PAC, PLC and other devices which support Modbus RTU can access, control and monitor the motion controller.

Software utilities are provides which allows the user to configure the device and execute simple motion commands for testing purposes. Windows APIs for developing motion control application are included in the software package.

Lead time: 5-7 working days from receipt of order.

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