Remote I/O Units

Remote I/O modules are used to monitor and control process signals such as volts, mA and temperature, or switches and digital signals. These remote input/output modules use Ethernet, serial or USB interface to communicate with a computer, PLC or several electrical meters.

Our extensive range of I/O modules deliver access and control of remote digital I/O, analog I/O, pulse I/O, relays, strain gauge and temperature sensors to any network. Analog and discrete remote I/O modules connect with sensors and actuators to PLCs or controllers via protocol network communication.

Digital signals such as alarms or switches can also be monitored remotely, while digital outputs can be used to control pumps (on/off) or other field devices.

This section includes remote I/O modules that use Ethernet, serial or USB interface to connect to a computer or network. Also referred to as I/O servers or I/O gateways, remote I/O modules monitor temperature, volts or mA signals, and transmit the measured values to a (master) computer or PLC via a variety of communication protocols including Modbus, BACnet, CANopen, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, Profinet and Profibus.

Our comprehensive range of remote I/O modules are suited for a variety of industrial applications. We offer a wide selection of Ethernet I/O modules, serial I/O modules, USB I/O modules, Fieldbus I/O modules, MQTT I/O modules and OPC UA I/O modules that will meet your requirement and budgetary needs.

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