Remote I/O Units

Remote I/O modules are used to monitor and control process signals such as volts, mA and temperature, or switches and digital signals. These remote input/ output modules use Ethernet or RS-485 interface to communicate with a computer, PLC or several electrical meters.

This section includes remote I/O modules that use Ethernet or serial interface to connect to a computer or network. Also referred to as I/O servers or I/O gateways, remote I/O modules monitor temperature, volts or mA signals, and transmit the measured values to a (master) computer using Modbus protocols such as Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU and UDP.

Digital signals such as alarms or switches can also be monitored remotely, while digital outputs can be used to control pumps (on/off) or other field devices.

In addition to monitoring and control of signals over Ethernet network, selected remote I/O modules such as the WISE-7000, ET-7000/PET-7000 and tET/PET series offer extra features including peer-to-peer communications, on-board logic control and active messaging. Active Ethernet I/O modules are especially useful for transmitting digital signals from one location to another without the need for a controller (PLC) or PC.


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