ODOT AIOBOX-16/32 Modbus/ProfiNet/ProfibusDP/EtherCAT/CANopen

The ODOT AIOBOX is a compact size, DIN rail mounted I/O expansion module that offer users the flexibility to configure I/O system to meet a vast range of industrial monitoring and control applications.

The ODOT AIOBOX-16 is equipped with a single deck motherboard and support up to 3 expansion slots whilst the ODOT AIOBOX-32 is equipped with a double deck motherboard and support up to 5 expansion slots.

The first slot (slot 0) of the ODOT AIOBOX-16 and AIOBOX-32 is specifically dedicated for integrating communication protocol adapter (either Modbus (TCP/RTU)/ProfiNet/ProfibusDP/EtherCAT/CANopen) depending on the application requirement. The other slots (i.e. slot 1/2 for AIOBOX-16 and slot 1/2/3/4 for AIOBOX-32) are used for I/O expansion.

There are a vast array of I/O modules that can monitor and control process signals such as volts, mA and temperature, or switches and digital signals; which makes the ODOT AIOBOX-16/32 I/O system easy to integrate with SCADA, PLC, PAC and PC based software systems for a wide range of industrial automation, measurement and process control applications.

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