eLogger HMI, Web HMI & Data Logger Software

eLogger is an easy-to-use software to implement HMI, web HMI and data logger on windows PC and ICPDAS PACs for simple I/O monitor and system control. eLogger is free of charge for 30 tags in PC veriosn and 50 tags in PAC version. It could reduce the cost and shorten the time to market.

eLogger can develop a project with flexible I/O configuration quickly and easily. The setup can be completed in only 5 steps:
– configuring I/O modules,
– configuring data logger,
– designing HMI layout pages and web pages,
– uploading the project and web pages to PAC and
– executing the project.

In these simple steps, there is no need of software programming knowledge. If more powerful functions need to be added, eLogger also provides a flexible interface, “shared memory”, to cooperate with Visual Studio .NET, Win-GRAF and ISaGRAF programs.


Lead time: 5-7 working days from receipt of order.

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