FEMA I4 Series Signal Converters & Isolators for Load cell signals

The FEMA I4 series are Isolated signal converter for load cells and millivolt signals with output signal in 4/20mA and 0/10Vdc and Isolated 3 ways.

Configurable to measure load cell signals from 0/5mV up to 0/80mV, also with bipolar ranges from ±5mV up to ±80mV. The FEMA I4 series also provides +5Vdc excitation voltage to power the load cell.

This converter has an output signal configurable for 4/20 mA (active and passive) and 0/10 Vdc. Also equipped with Universal power supply from 18 to 265 Vac/dc and 3 way isolation between input, output and power circuits.

The FEMA I4 series offer customized input and output signals ranges with configuration through front push-button keypad and front display. Configurable information messages (tare vale, mV at terminals, input signal value, output signal value, configured label, signal percentage, process value, excitation voltage value and excitation current value).

Manual “force” functions to generate low and high output signals, to validate remote instrumentation during installation. “Tare” function. “Password” function to block non-authorized access to configuration menu. “SOS” mode to help on critical maintenance and repairs without affecting the manufacturing process.

The FEMA I4 series is designed for industrial use, with potential integration into a wide range of applications.

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