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FEMA I4L offers greater performance in your load cell applications

June 23, 2022
OKSA presents the FEMA I4L, a new model for the I4 series of signal converter. The I4L works with load cells applications and the measurement of millivolt applications. A single recurrent solution to your applications with load cells, tension-force sensors and signals in mVdc in general.

The ICP DAS TouchPad (TPD) series is an ideal solution for HVAC applications

June 9, 2022
The ICP DAS TouchPad (TPD) series is an ideal solution for HVAC applications.Compared to traditional control panels, the TPD series has unique features including 2.8” touch screen display, DCON/Modbus protocol, C/Ladder language, and RS-485 & Ethernet interface, which enable users to quickly integrate the TPD series into their PLC and HMI systems.

A compact signal conditioner for accelerometer sensors

May 9, 2022
The SG-3037-G triaxial signal conditioner for voltage (accelerometer) output is now available at OKSA.The ICP DAS SG-3037 triaxial signal conditioner is equipped with 3-channel analog inputs that directly connects to aceleremeter sensors, and then converts the signal measured into analog voltage output.