U-7000 series OPC UA I/O Modules

OPC UA I/O modules is a series of Ethernet I/O modules that are built-in with OPC UA Server and MQTT Client services. These OPC UA I/O modules, also know as UA I/O or U-7000 series, supports the OPC UA server and MQTT client function in industrial networking communication. Users can select the networking mode that meet their application needs for transmitting the values of built-in I/O channels to a cloud IT system or field control system.

UA I/O Series provides a Web-based User Interface (Web UI) to configure the module, control the output channels, monitor the connection, and I/O status via a normal web browser. The U-7000 series are fast and easy to configure without the need for additional software applications.

Lead time: 5-7 working days from receipt of order.

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