FEMA M40-A/T/P/D Series

Series M is the reference for all type of industrial applications. Versatility and reliability in all type of industrial applications, offers a wide range of models, both for input signals and for output and control options, and accessories.

Excellent reading for a distance up to 5 meters, with 14mm digit height. Standard 1/8 DIN (96x48mm) housing. The visual lines of the instrument stands for a clean and wide front space, where the main role is focused on the value displayed.

All circuits are isolated between them, and excitation voltages are protected against short circuits. Manufactured with high quality components, it mounts plug-in screw terminals for safe connections, a housing specifically designed at FEMA, with a patented panel fixation and front labeling units with high quality industrial adhesive.

Its modular architecture provides flexibility to replace, add or change any of its internal modules to expand functionality as needed.


Lead time: 5-7 working days from receipt of order.

The wide range of input signals accepted, the output and control modules available, and the accessories it features, allows for a high level of customization, adapting to all type of industrial needs.

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