Ethernet Switches

Industrial Ethernet (IE) refers to the use of standard Ethernet protocols with rugged connectors and extended temperature switches in an industrial applications such as process control and automation. By implementing an intelligent Industrial Ethernet solution, organisations can build a manufacturing infrastructure that delivers the resiliency and network security of traditional fieldbus solutions, as well as the improved bandwidth, open connectivity, and standardisation that Ethernet provides. Industrial Ethernet gives organisations substantially greater control over their networked manufacturing equipment.

OKSA Automation Ltd offers a wide range of industrial Ethernet switches with features such as industrial-grade reliability, network redundancy and seamless integrated security at affordable prices. Our range of industrial Ethernet switches includes managed, unmanaged, PoE and media converters. No matter your environment or application, our range of industrial Ethernet switches can deliver a smarter solution that are easy to install, flexible, and cost-effective.


Lead time: 5-7 working days from receipt of order.