M-6026U-32 16-channel Universal Input & 16-channel Universal Output Module


Key Features

  • Universal Inputs and Universal Outputs
  • Status LED for Universal Inputs and Outputs
  • Each Universal Input Channel Can be Used as an Analog Input or Digital Input
  • Supports Modbus RTU Protocol
  • Easy Mounting and Connection
  • Provides I/O Space-Saving Design


The ICP DAS M-6026U-32 of distributed I/O provides a wide variety of input, output, and smart control solutions, all of which are based on a single universal hardware platform. The M-6026U-32 combines inputs and outputs, saving your time and space when both are at a premium.
Since M-6032U-32 feature both inputs and outputs on the same board, retailers can reduce the space requirement for I/O boards by as much as 50%! Traditional I/O board schemes required retail operators to mount separate input and output boards within an enclosure, increasing the time and cost to mount the boards. The ICP DAS M-6000 I/O boards are communications devices needed to connect to the facility management system to control refrigeration, HVAC and lighting systems.


  • Heating system in buildings
  • Ventilation system
  • Air-conditioning system
  • HVAC control, lighting control, door monitoring