MG-CANEX CANopen to Modbus TCP converter


Key Features

  • 2KV network port isolation protection, 10M/100Mbps rate adaptive, automatic MDI/MDIX reversal
  • It supports address mapping mode, and realize the rapid response to TCP client request
  • Modbus TCP supports function code: 0 x01, 0 x02, 0 x03, 0 x04, 0 x05, 0 x06, 0 x0F, 0 x10
  • 6KB large data buffer, more data transfer volume
  • CAN interface supports CANopen working mode
  • CAN interface Baud rate: 10K~1Mbps
  • CANopen protocol conforms to DS301 V4.02 and supports NMT master, PDO, SDO and Heartbeat
  • It supports one-key reset function to restore factory Settings
  • 35mm DIN-rail installation
  • EMC meets EN 55022:2010 & EN55024:2010 international standards


The Odot MG-CANEX is a protocol converter from CANopen to Modbus TCP. The device plays as the master in the CANopen network and it could be connected to the standard CANopen slave devices. The data transmission supports PDO, SDO, and error control supports Heartbeat. It Supports synchronous and asynchronous message sending.

The gateway comes with its own configuration software, and the parameter configuration information is downloaded to the gateway through the network port. The gateway automatically saves the latest configuration information. There is no need to load configuration after the gateway is powered off and on.

As a TCP server in Modbus TCP network, the device could be accessed by 5 TCP clients at the same time, and it could be connected to PLC controller and various kinds of configuration software. It could also connect optical transceiver and to realize long-distance data transmission.


MG-CANEX User Manual 20200803_V1 (2)