ODOT AIO-X2228 8-ch Digital Output/ 24VDC /Source


Key Features

• Number of channels: 8-ch output
• Indicator Light: 8 green channel output indicators
• Rated Current: Typical value of 1A
• Leakage Current: Max. 100uA
• Output Resistance: >1.2Ω
• Over temperature shutdown: Typical value of 150 ℃
• Over current protection: 3A max


The ODOT AIO-X2228 is a 8-channel digital output, active high level with 24V output voltage range that is specifically designed for used with the ODOT AIOBOX-16/32 I/O system. This module can drive field devices such as relays, solenoid valves and the internal bus and field input of the module are optocoupler isolated.