tGW-718i-T Tiny Modbus/TCP to RTU/ASCII Gateway with 1 isolated RS-232/422/485 port


Key Features

  • Supports Modbus TCP/UDP master & slave
  • Supports Modbus RTU/ASCII master & slave
  • Max. TCP connections (masters) per serial port: 32
  • Supports pair-connection (serial-bridge, serial-tunnel) applications
  • Supports UDP responder for device discovery (UDP Search)
  • Static IP or DHCP network configuration
  • Built-in Web Server (HTTP)
  • Contains a 32-bit MCU that efficiently handles network traffic


The ICP DAS tGW-700 is a Modbus TCP to RTU/ASCII gateway that enables a Modbus/TCP host to communicate with serial Modbus RTU/ASCII devices through an Ethernet network, and eliminates the cable length limitation of legacy serial communication devices. The module can be used to create a pair-connection application (as well as serial-bridge or serial-tunnel application), and can then route data over TCP/IP between two serial Modbus RTU/ASCII devices, which is useful when connecting mainframe computers, servers or other serial devices that use Modbus RTU/ASCII protocols and do not themselves have Ethernet capability.

The ICP DAS tGW-718i-T is a tiny Modbus/TCP to RTU/ASCII Gateway with 1 isolated RS-232/422/485 port.

With 2 Ethernet ports, the tGW-700 allows daisy chain connection which permits the flexibility in locating devices, eases installation and lowers infrastructure costs.