SW5501C Wireless 802.11 b/g/n Serial Device Server with 1 Combo Serial port, Fast P2P, one antenna



  • Designed for IEEE802.11 b/g/n networks
  • Web server/Utility configuration
  • Upgrade via Serial Manager or Web server
  • FCC (United States), ETSI (Europe) certified wireless equipment
  • S232/422/485 software selectable
  • D-sub9 or TB5 combo serial port (SW5501C)
  • Support for Wi-Fi Direct (Peer-to-Peer)


The ATOP SW5501C Series is our latest addition to our Industrial Wireless products; its small size but powerful architecture makes it a perfect choice for industrial/manufacturing needs in which size is a decisive factor. It rewards our customers with superb connectivity withstanding all the harshness in your environment of choice.

The ATOP SW5501C Series supports “Wi-Fi Direct” technology that makes Wi-Fi usage to be an ease-to-use connectivity, and delivers an industry-wide peer-to-peer solution based on broadly deployed Wi-Fi technologies.