ODOT CN-8021 CANopen I/O Network Adapter


Key Features

• Protocol: CANopen
• Supports 128 PDO, 64 TPDO, and 64 RPDO max.
• CANopen Node ID supports the value ranges from 1 ~ 99
• CANopen conforms to DS301 and DS401 standards
• Bus communication baud rate: 10Kbps ~ 1Mbps
• Supports NMT, PDO, SDO, Heartbeat and SYNCInterface
• High-speed 12M CAN bus backplane
•  Supports upto 32 IO modules


The CANopen standard consists of an addressing scheme, several small communication protocols and an application layer defined by a device profile. The communication protocols have support for network management, device monitoring and communication between nodes, including a simple transport layer for message segmentation or desegmentation. The lower level protocol implementing the data link and physical layers is usually Controller Area Network (CAN), although devices using some other means of communication (such as Ethernet Powerlink, EtherCAT) can also implement the CANopen device profile

The ODOT CN-8021 CANopen I/O Network Adapter can process input and output data and supports up to 32 extension IO modules. This modular system offers the flexibility to expand the I/O count of any existing or new automation or control system. Based on the CAN bus, the ODOT CN-8021 I/O Network Adapter is low cost and high performance which provides an attractive distributed control solution for industrial automation, medical devices, public transportation, elevators, maritime electronics, and other applications.

There are a vast array of I/O modules that can monitor and control process signals such as volts, mA and temperature , or switches and digital signals; which makes the ODOT CN-8021 I/O system easy to integrate with SCADA, PLC, PAC and PC based software systems for a wide range of industrial automation, measurement and process control applications.

Remote IO System-C Series User Manual