ODOT CN-8012 Profibus-DP Network Adapter


Key Features

• Protocol:  PROFIBUS DPV0
• Interface Type:DB9 female head
• Station Type:PROFIBUS Slave
• Station Address:Dial code switch configuration
• Topology:Bus topology
• Configuration Max. Length:232 bytes
• IO Data Max. Length:Input: Max. 244 bytes, Output: Max. 244 bytes, Sum of input and output: Max. 288 bytes


The ODOT CN-8012 PROFIBUS-DP network adapter support access of PROFIBUS-DP and supports DPV0 protocol. This modular system can process input and output data at a rate of 244 bytes, and supports up to 32 extension IO modules.

The ODOT CN-8012 Profibus I/O network adapter offers the flexibility to expand the I/O count of any existing or new automation or control system. There are a vast array of I/O modules that can monitor and control process signals such as volts, mA and temperature , or switches and digital signals; which makes the ODOT CN-8012 I/O system easy to integrate with SCADA, PLC, PAC and PC based software systems for a wide range of industrial automation, measurement and process control application.