M2M-720-A Remote Maintenance Device Server with RS-232, RS-485 and Ethernet


Key Features

  • Support voice streaming on network
  • Provide pair connection (RS-232, RS-485) on network
  • Support server and client function
  • Server mode can manage max 64 clients (Clients can be M-4132, M2M-720-A, M2M-710D …)
  • Support voice broadcast function in server mode
  • Support Virtual COM technology
  • Web-based administration
  • Linux platform
  • Provide Static IP/DHCP/PPPoE
  • Provide dynamic DNS function to resolve the problem without the fixed real IP
  • Provide event record and e-mail function
  • Built-in web server, FTP server
  • Built-in RTC
  • Built-in self-tuner ASIC chip for RS-485 port
  • Provide LED indicators
  • Robust, fan less design
  • CE/FCC, EMI, RoHS compliance


The ICP DAS M2M-720-A module is specially designed for the remote maintenance solution with voice streaming. This module provides 2 major technologies on networking: Voice streaming and Pair connection. The Pair connection means that the user can operate remote COM port device via Ethernet TCP/IP protocol just like a local COM port and the Voice streaming means the user can talk to remote operator while operate remote COM-linked devices. Refer to the following graph.

Furthermore, M2M-720-A integrates the Virtual com technology. That can resolve the insufficiency of real com port in PC. By applying this technology, the maintenance man can take the remote maintenance or monitor whatever time or place.


1. Remote Maintenance: Establish the remote maintenance system of the equipments sold in the world.

2. Virtual Com: Remote maintenance by Virtual Com technology. (It’s not supported in Wi-Fi mode)

3. Serial application revolution: Upgrade the original serial application to network application.