iSN-711-MRTU Single axis vibration sensor module (RS-485)


Key Features

  • 1-axis vibration measurement
  • Frequency range: 10 Hz to 1K Hz
  • Amplitude range: ±8g
  • Data Format:
    -Acceleration(mg): RMS, Maximum, P-P
    -Velocity(mm/s): RMS
    -Top 10 spectrum values(Amplitude/Frequency)
    -Crest Factor
  • Supported Modbus RTU Slave protocol


The ICP DAS iSN-711-MRTU module is an intelligent vibration detection device. It has a built-in MEMS accelerometer, so it can easily realize equipment vibration monitoring. The module supports one RS-485 communication interface with Modbus RTU slave protocol, the user can transmit Modbus RTU commands to read the sensor’s data by RS-485 interface.

The iSN-711-MRTU is suitable for real-time vibration detection in critical locations for factory monitoring applications, such as production line equipment, motors, and pumps, etc., where there is a need to monitor any vibration application.


  • Vibration monitoring system