I-7523D Addressable RS-485 to 3 x RS-232/RS-485 Converter with 1 DI & 7-Segment LED Display


Key Features

• Includes “Addressable RS-485 to RS-232 Converter” firmware
• Supports Dual-Watchdog commands
• Supports Power-up value & safe value for DO
• Supports real-time monitoring/control for the onboard DI/DO
• Includes a 1KB queue buffer for each RS-232 interface
• Low power consumption
• R.O.C. Invention Patent No. 086674, No.103060, No. 132457
• 3000 V isolation on the RS-485 interface
• Includes 7-segment LED indicator



Most RS-232 devices don’t support device addressing, the ICP DAS I-7523D assigns a unique address to any RS-232 device installed on an RS-485 network. When the Host PC sends a command with a device address to the RS-485 network, the destination I-752N module will remove the address field, and then pass the other commands to its local RS-232 devices. The response from the local RS-232 devices will be returned to the Host PC via the I-752N module.

The ICP DAS I-7523D converter is unique as it a Master-type converter that use ICP DAS R.O.C. Patent 086674, while most other converters are a Slave-type, which cannot operate without a Host PC. In real industrial applications, users are not satisfied with Slave-type converters as they cannot be adapted to individual requirements; the ICP DAS I-7523D is an ideal solution.


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