EZG1300 MQTT Gateway


Key Features

  • Built-in SUNIX EAZInet technology to facilitate the connection of EZR & EZI Ethernet I/O modules
  • Support Modbus TCP devices connection
  • Support generic MQTT service for direct connections with common public cloud
  • Built-in Modbus Protocol Agent, convenient for customers to retrieve various sensor data
  • Built-in dual 10/100 Ethernet ports for Ethernet cascading capability
  • Support Diagnostic function, which can quickly ensure the correctness of cloud data by confirming the connection status and setting content of the underlying devices
  • Support daisy chain topology, expand more fast and flexible
  • Support EZR, EZI I/O interface automatic enumeration mechanism, making configuration easier
  • Support Wall Mounting & DIN-rail Mounting Installation


The SUNIX EZG1300 is a gateway that supports generic MQTT service. Customers can use SUNIX Ethernet I/O modules (EZR & EZI series) to connect various types of devices, and to convert Modbus, digital I/O, and analog I/O data into common public cloud through the MQTT Protocol.

Built-in Modbus Protocol Agent

EZG1300 with built-in Modbus Protocol Agent

EZG1300 has a built-in Modbus Protocol Agent to acquire Modbus data and translate it into MQTT cloud Protocol. Users can also set the device parameters of Modbus and Analog-in by themselves, which means that users can integrate their existing devices or choose various sensors of different brands in cost effective way.

Information Diagnostic Function

EZG1300 Diagnostic Feature

No need on using extra tool. Users can rapidly identify and rule out problem during installation as soon as logging into Web-based manager to ensure normal communication among under-layer devices and correct information presenting on cloud digital dashboard.

Complete Data Acquisition Solution

SUNIX Full Cloud Application

SUNIX provides the best solution for optimizing data acquisition and uploading them across public cloud/private cloud/hybrid cloud/intelligent edge, which also integrates with platform tool-kit and Azure SaaS services for developer and end user to rapidly build up intelligent application.

Application – Environmental Monitoring

Building up digital dashboard with Node-RED platform rapidly

EZG1300 Solution