ECAT-2094P 4-axis Pulse Output Module


Key Features

  • Support CiA402 protocol
  • 4-axis independent control and pulse output up to 4MHz
  • Pulse output options: CW/ CCW, Pulse/Direction
  • 4 x Encoder interfaces (A, B, Z), differential
  •  Distance between stations up to 100 m (100BASE-TX)
  • Support daisy chain connection


The ICP DAS ECAT-2094P pulse output module is a cost-effective, four-in-one pulse output module and can simultaneously controls up to four pulse type motor drivers. The ECAT-2094P is a standard EtherCAT slave and an EtherCAT master is required to operate the device. This module supports two operation modes: Free-Run and Distributed Clock (DC).

Pulse type motor drivers can be directly connected to the ECAT-2094P device. The device is designed to operate a pulse-type drive with pulse output. Configuration has to be done by the EtherCAT master and the application program. The ICP DAS ECAT-2094P has four integrated incremental encoder interfaces. Four 32 bit high frequency encoder counter counts the input signal of external incremental encoders. The encoder can for example be used for homing purposes and for consistency checks.

For each motor three digital input channels are provided: A Left and right hardware limit switch and a home switch.The hardware limit switch which automatically stops the motor when activated, and all three digital inputs can be used for home position search.


• Automated Test Equipment
• Surveillance Systems
• Labeling Machinery
• Packaging
• Semiconductor Manufacturing
• Engraving Machine
• Automatic Feeding Machine