ECAT-2074A EtherCAT 4-channel BISS-C/SSI Absolute Encoder Master


Key Features

  • EtherCAT slave
  • Four channels, 48-bit absolute encoder master
  • Transmission interface: BISS-C, SSI
  • Data encoding mode: Binary, Gray
  • CRC generator polynomial can be customized, and themaximum setting is within CRC-8
  • Support CRC bit Invert
  • Maximum transmission pulse frequency: 10MHz
  • Simultaneous sampling of each channel
  • EtherCAT:
    ‣ 2 x RJ-45 bus interface
    ‣ Supports Free-Run and Distributed Clock (DC) operation modes


The EtherCAT slave ECAT-2074A is an absolute encoder master. The ICP DAS ECAT-2074A provides four channels and each channel is independent of each other. It supports two serial transmission interfaces: SSI (Serial Synchronous Interface) & BiSS-C (BiSS Continuous Mode).

The ECAT-2074A also supports a maximum transmission frequency of 10MHz, a maximum transmission bit of 48bit(Including error bit, warning bit, CRC in BiSS-C mode), and Automatic compensation of cable delays in BiSS-C mode. The maximum cable length supported is 70 meters.


• Precision Position Measurement