CAN-2088C CANopen I/O Module with 8-channel PWM Output & 8-channel High Speed Counter Input


Key Features

  • Hardware-controlled PWM output
  • PWM output frequency: 0.2 Hz ~ 500 kHz with 0.1%~99.9% duty cycle
  • PWM Output Modes: software trigger / hardware trigger
  • Trigger each PWM output individually or all PWM outputs synchronously
  • Support Burst output mode and Continue output mode
  • Provide 32-bit 500 kHz high-speed counter for each DI channel
  • Pass the validation of CANopen conformance test
  • Provide EDS file for CANopen master interface



CANopen is one kind of the network protocols based on the CAN bus and mainly used for embedded network of machine control, such as industrial machine control , aircraft engines monitoring, factory automation, medical equipment control, remote data acquisition, environmental monitoring, and packaging machines control.

PWM (Pulse width modulation) is a powerful technique for controlling analog circuits. It uses digital outputs to generate a waveform with variant duty cycle and frequency to control analog circuits.

The ICP DAS CAN-2088C is a PWM slave module of CANopen protocol with 8 PWM output channels and 8 high speed counter channels. It can be used to develop powerful and cost effective analog control system.