AR-400 4-channel Accelerometer Datalogger Device


Key Features

• 4 simultaneous, 16-bit resolution ADC
• Support 4 IEPE input & built-in 3 mA excitation current
• AR-400 support sample rate: 125kHz,100kHz, 50kHz
• Max. Recording time:120 seconds
• Flexible trigger modes: Push button trigger, Schedule trigger, analog threshold trigger, digital input trigger & utility remote trigger
• Supports 4 to 32 GB micro SDHC type flash
• 4 kV Contact ESD protection for any terminal
• Wide range of power input (+10 to +30 VDC) & operating temperature (-25 to 75°C)


The ICP DAS AR-400 is a high-performance dynamic signal acquisition module that is designed specifically for vibration monitoring and analysis. The maximum simultaneous sampling rate for each channel on the AR-400 is up to 125k-Hz.

The ICP DAS AR-400 module is equipped with a built-in 3mA excitation current to power the Integrated Electronics Piezo-Electric (IEPE) accelerometers and a 16-bit A/D converter. The data acquired by the ICP DAS AR-400 is saved on a Micro SD card that can be used for offline vibration analysis.

ICP DAS also provides a utility that can be installed on the Host PC that can be easily configured for different triggering modes, as well as changing the sampling rate, and scheduling the sampling time for various applications using the development tools. The ICP DAS AR-400 module is ideal and recommended as your best choice for vibration monitoring and measurement applications.