AR-300-T Accelerometer Datalogger Device with 3-ch IEPE Input & 1-ch Thermistor Input


Key Features

• 3 simultaneous, 16-bit resolution ADC
• Support 3 IEPE input, 1-ch Thermistor input, and built-in 3 mA excitation curren
• AR-300T support sample rate: 125kHz/100kHz/50kHz/20kHz/10kHz/5kHz
• Max. Recording time:30 m (5kHz)
• Flexible trigger modes: Push button trigger, Schedule trigger, analog threshold trigger, digital input trigger & utility remote trigger
• Supports 4 to 32 GB micro SDHC type flash
• 4 kV Contact ESD protection for any terminal
• Wide range of power input (+10 to +30 VDC) & operating temperature (-25 to 75°C)


The ICP DAS AR-300-T is a high-performance dynamic signal acquisition module equipped with 3 channel IEPE input providing simultaneous-sampling at up to 125 kHz per channel and 1 channel thermistor input.

The AR-300-T module has a built-in 16- bit resolution ADC and 3 mA excitation current to measure IEPE sensors, and a micro SDHC flash card for data logging. It also supports flexible trigger modes, sampling rates, and recording time span, making it ideal for signal measurement in vibration applications.