The most compact, din-rail mountable PWM signal converter module

The most compact, din-rail mountable Pulse-width modulation (PWM) signal converter module now available at OKSA Automation Limited.

The ICP DAS tSG-3781B/L is a compact single-channel DC current input signal conditioning module that converts 4~20mA current input to PWM output. The PWM output has a duty cycle of 0%~100% and performs a linear conversion of the 4~20mA current input. The PWM output frequency is adjustable from 600Hz to 800Hz via push buttons.

The tSG-3781B/L is equipped with a monochrome LCD display that shows the duty cycle and frequency of the PWM output signal. The 4 kV ESD and 4 kV EFT features enhance noise protection capabilities in industrial environments. This compact PWM signal converter is ideal for applications such as heating system in buildings, ventilation system and controlling servo-assisted diaphragm valve.

Key features:

  • Convert 1-channel 4 ~ 20mA Current Input to 1-channel PWM Output
  • PWM output duty ratio converted by 4 ~ 20 mA Input
  • PWM output frequency configured via push buttons
  • LCD displays the PWM output duty ratio and frequency

Contact our technical sales team via or 02039976277 for more information about the tSG-3781B/L single-channel DC current input signal conditioning module.