Industrial compact intelligent wireless 3-phase AC Power Meters

The ICP DAS iWSN-9603 series of intelligent wireless 3-phase AC smart power meters are specifically designed for power consumption measurement and monitoring in remote locations where cabling is challenging and expensive.

These compact wireless power meters provide a 3-phase voltage input and two 3-phase current inputs up to 400A via 6 current clamps provided, which makes them ideal for power information measurement of different equipment that is powered by a single-phase or 3-phase AC source.

The iWSN-9603 series wireless communication feature reduces the cost and time of deployment for power consumption measurement in remote locations. These intelligent power meters can be easily configured via DIP switches and uses special housing with IP33 protection to prevent short circuit.

Equipped with real-time clock (RTC) and data timestamp features, these compact power meters are ideal for industrial energy measurement and monitoring applications including machine and process power efficiency improvement, power information administration, calculation of carbon emission, predictive maintenance, and big data analysis of power consumption.

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