New Generation of Industrial Ethernet I/O Modules

OKSA Automation Limited offers a wide range of industrial-grade Ethernet I/O modules.

The SUNIX industrial DevicePort remote I/O modules uses SUNIX EAZInet networking technology, and does not require IP setting and supports full network technology.

These series of remote Ethernet I/O modules are capable of automatic device enumeration which allows the console terminal to quickly search for terminal devices, thus enabling  plug-and-play functionality for ease of deployment in industrial applications.

Key Features    

  • Support up to 32 I/O channels
  • Daisy chain topology for flexible and quick I/O expansion
  • Wide voltage and power input range (5-48VDC)
  • Support Node-RED platform for faster deployment
  • Support EdgeX edge platform for advanced IoT development
  • Wide operating temperature -40 ~+75°C
  • Excellent tolerance for eletromagnetic interface (EMC level 3 approved)
  • Din- rail mounting

Contact our technical sales team on 02039976277 for more information about the SUNIX Ethernet remote I/O modules and gateways.