FEMA I4P signal converter, a reliable solution for all process signals

The FEMA I4P signal converter is multifunction device that can be easily configured to read 4/20 mA and 0/10 Vdc process signals, potentiometers, resistances, and a wide range of temperature sensors, including thermocouples J, K, N, E, T, R , S, C and B; Pt100, Pt500 or PT1000 probes, NTC probes from types 44004 to 44008 and from types 44030 to 44034, and a configurable NTC range to define sensors not included in the standard models.

The NTC probes are widely used in motor windings, cooling systems and systems with difficult maintenance and access. Being able to acquire and convert this type of signals can greatly simplify maintenance and repair works.

The FEMA I4P offers a 3-way isolatation, faster easy configuration using predefined configuration codes and advanced configuration through the configuration menu. This signal conveter has a Universal power supply with range 18 to 265 V, both in Vac and Vdc. The universal power supply simplifies references, and makes it easy to integrate into any application.

The front keypad and information display enables access to the input and/or output signal value, and advanced settings for specific input and output range configurations.

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