USB-2084 USB I/O Module with 4-ch/8-ch Counter/Frequency/Encoder Input


Key Features

• 8-channel for Frequency and Up Counters Types
• 4-channel for Up/Down, Dir/Pulse and A/B Phase Counters Types
• Support digital filter (1~32767 us)
• Wide operating temperature range
• USB Bus Powered
• Plug-and-Play without driver
• Lockable USB cable
• USB 1.1/2.0 Full-Speed (12 Mbps)
• Support firmware update via USB
• PWR/RUN/ERR LED indicators
• Built-in dual watchdog (hardware/software)
• Provide API library (VC/VB/BCB/.NET)


The ICP DAS USB-2084 provides an easy USB plug-and-play operation with accurate measurement for all kinds of industrial automation applications. Compared with the traditional PC-based card like PCI, and ISA cards, users can achieve data acquisition easier and quicker via USB-2084 I/O module.

The ICP DAS USB-2084 is a full-speed USB device with 8-ch for Frequency and Up Counters, or 4-ch for Up/Down, Dir/Pulse and A/B Phase Counters, and offers features for industrial control and manufacturing test applications, such as factory automation or embedded machine control. With the true Plug & Play capability, it needs not opening up your computer chassis to install boards-just plug in the module, then get or set the data. Owing to another USB feature known as “hot-swapping”, users do not even need to shut down and restart the system to attach or remove a peripheral.

Users can configure and test USB-2084 directly and easily without any coding via the ICP DAS USB I/O utility. A user-friendly API library is available for users to quickly develop their (VB/C++/C#.NET/VB.NET) applications.