TCD-108/S400 8-ch K-type Thermocouple Datalogger


Key Features

  • 8-channel K-type thermocouple (± 0.5℃ Accuracy)
  • Thermocouple length: 50 cm
  • Sampling Rate: 50 ms to 60000 seconds
  • Max. recording for each channel: 300,000
  • Traceable temperature data
  • Easy-to-use software interface
  • Powered by 4x AAA batteries (60 hours @ 50 ms sampling rate)
  • 400℃ operating temperature with thermal insulation box



The ICP DAS TCD-108 temperature measurement module can provide high-precision temperature measuring capability with standard K-type thermocouple. Besides, the TCD-108 has built-in over-temperature protection, intelligent temperature data logging capability, automatic analysis result output (highest Tin temperature, tinning time, heating rate, etc.).


SMD assembly manufacturing, PC board manufacturing, footware manufacturing, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and any temperature measurement required industries.