SG-3016-80 Strain Gauge Input Signal Conditioner with 80 Hz Low Pass Filter


Key Features

• Three-way isolation: 1000 Vdc
• Accuracy: ±0.1% of full range
• Easy to configure input/output range
• Three VRs for calibrating accuracy of the input/ output range
• Flexible DIN-rail


The ICP DAS SG-3016-80 is a voltage input to voltage or current output signal conditioning module. It has 1000 Vdc three-way isolation for input, output and power. It also can change the input/output range via internal configuration switches. The SG-3016-80 has an LED display to show whether the ICP DAS SG-3016-80 is functioning correctly and has three VRs (Zero, Span, Exci) to calibrate accuracy of the input/output range .
The bandwidth of the ICP DAS SG-3016-80 is typically 80 Hz and it is easy to mount the SG-3016-80 on a standard DIN rail and operate in environments with wide temperature range.