PM-3112-240P-CPS CANopen, 2 loops single-phase Power Meter with two 200A CT (inside diameter 10 mm, wire lead 1.8 m)


Key Features

  • True RMS Power Measurements
  • Energy Analysis for 1P2W, 1P4W
  • Current Measurements Up to 200 A with Different CT Ratio
  • Voltage Measurements Up to 300 V
  • Clip-on CT for Easy Installation
  • W Accuracy Better than 0.5% (PF=1)
  • Supports CANopen Protocol
  • Supports 2 Power Relay Output (Form A)
  • IEC 61010-1 and EN 61010-1


The ICP DAS PM-3000 series smart power meters that allow user the access to real-time electric usage for single-phase and 3-phase power measurements. With high accuracy (< 0.5%, PF=1 ), these smart power meters can be used to measuring low, medium or high voltages, enabling users to obtain reliable and accurate energy consumption readings from the monitored equipment in real-time. These compact size power meters are equipped with revolutionary wired clip-on CT (i.e. that support input current up to 200 A).

The ICP DAS PM-3112-240P-CPS smart power meter support CANopen protocol for easy integration and operates over a wide input voltages range 10 ~ 300 VAC which allows worldwide compatibility. These smart power meters are also equipped with 2 channel relay outputs, essential for triggering alarms.