ODOT-S4E2 4 Serial Modbus RTU/ASCII to Modbus TCP converter



  • Supports protocol conversion between Modbus-RTU and Modbus-TCP
  • Supports the connection of5 TCP clients simultaneously
  • ODOT-S4E2 supports wiring of RS485/RS232/RS422
  • Each serial port supports Modbus master and slave
  • 4 serial Modbus-RTU/ASCII to Modbus-TCP Server gateway
  • Supports one key reset
  • Gateway working mode: Transparent transmission, address mapping


The ODOT-S4E2 gateway is a Modbus-RTU/ASCII to Modbus-TCP protocol converter. This product connects Modbus device to PLC and master computer that supports Modbus-TCP (client) functions. It supports the connection of 5 TCP clients simultaneously.

The ODOT-S4E2 adopts aluminum alloy shell with firm design and supports DIN-rail installation. All serial signal provide built-in photoelectric isolation.

ODOT-S4E2 User’s Manual (1)