ODOT CT-3808 8 channel Analog Input Module


Key Features

• Channel Number:8 Channels
• LED Indicator:8 Input LED Indicators
• Sensor Type:J / K/ E / T / S / R / B / N / C type thermocouples
• Acquisition Accuracy: ±0.3% Full Scale @25℃; ±0.5% Full Scale @-40~85℃
• Single Channel Sampling Rate: 50Hz (Max.)
• Data Format: 16-Bit Signed Integer (Integer)
• Measuring Range ℃:
J Type:    -210~1200℃
K Type:    -270~1370℃
E Type:    -270~1000℃
T Type:    -270~400℃
S Type:    -50~1760℃
R Type:    -50~1760℃
B Type:    0~1820℃
N Type:    -270~1300℃
C Type:    0~2320℃


The ODOT CT-3808 is a 16-bit 8 channel Analog Input Module that can be integrated with the ODOT Network Adapters to measure analog and thermocouple inputs(including J-type, K-type, E-type, T-type, S-type, R-type, B-type, N-type and C-type).

The ODOT CT-3808 can be easy integrate with SCADA, PLC, PAC and PC based software systems for a wide range of industrial automation, measurement and process control applications.