ODOT CT-2738 8-Channel Relay Output Module – 1A/30VDC/30W


Key Features

  • 8-channel relay normally on output
  • 8 LED channel indicators
  • Low on resistance (≤100mΩ)
  • With isolation between channels
  • Built-in TVS bidirectional diode, built-in RC circuit
  • Resistive and inductive loads can be connected


The ODOT CT-2738 is an 8-channel Normally Open Relay Output Module with 8 LED channel indicator lights. It features low on-state resistance (≤100mΩ), isolation between channels, built-in bidirectional TVS diodes, an internal RC circuit, and can handle resistive and inductive loads.

This module is designed for a 24VDC voltage level. When dealing with inductive loads, which may cause sticking due to the influence of reverse electromotive force on the relay contacts in the presence of DC power, the module’s circuit board includes freewheeling diodes to release the energy from inductive loads. Thus, the CT-2738 can handle both resistive and inductive loads reliably. It’s important to note that this module has a maximum load capacity of 1A for a single contact and cannot be connected to alternating current (AC).

The ODOT CT-2738 can be easy integrate with SCADA, PLC, PAC and PC based software systems for a wide range of industrial automation, measurement and process control applications.