MQ-7260AM MQTT I/O Module with 6-ch DI (Dry, Wet) and 6-ch Power Relay


Key Features

  • Built-in Web Server
  • Web HMI
  • Support for MQTT Protocol
  • 2-port Ethernet Switch for Daisy-Chain Topology
  • Dual Watchdog
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: -25 ~ +75°C
  • Built-in I/O
    • DI: 8 Channels
    • Power Relay: 8 Channels


The ICP DAS MQ-7260AM is an Ethernet I/O module equipped with 6-channel DI and 6-channel form A relays, as well as the MQTT and Modbus TCP protocols, which are supported for connecting with a variety of digital sensors in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications. A web-based user interface is provided to configure the module, monitor the network connection status and I/O status, and control relay output channels on the module via a normal web browser on a mobile device or computer.

The MQ-7260AM features optical isolation for 3000 VDC of transient overvoltage protection but doesn’t provide channel-to-channel isolation. When inductive loads are connected to the relays, a large counter electromotive force may occur when the relay actuates because of the energy stored in the load. These flyback voltages can severely damage the relay contacts and greatly shorten the relay life. Limit these flyback voltages at your inductive load by installing a flyback diode for DC loads or a metal oxide varistor for AC loads.

The MQ-7260AM is equipped with a user-friendly, web based interface, allowing easy configuration, overseeing the network connection status and I/O status via a web browser.