JWS080-W2-QDR 8″ Industrial Resistive Touchscreen Win10 Panel PC with Intel Celeron® J1900 CPU 4GB RAM+64GB SSD


Key Features

  • Display size: 8 inch
  • Ultra-thin front bezel, suitable for the embedded mount for cabinets in industrial sites
  • Aluminum alloy material casing, drawing process, presenting excellent anti-corrosion & anti-fouling performance
  • Industrial-grade driver board, and built with good anti-static & anti-electromagnetic interference
  • Internal fanless heat dissipation structure design supports 24/7 long-term uninterrupted operation
  • The surface is IP65 dustproof and waterproof, & fully dustproof design
  • Capacitive / resistive / mouse control for the touch screens
  • Optional OEM & ODM


The Jawest JWS080-W2 is an 8″ LCD Industrial Panel PC with a touch screen that has IP65 front panel protection. This compact Panel PC is equipped with abundant inputs and outputs interface for excellent connections with other equipment and provides a perfect solution for integrating HMI, data acquisition and control for a variety of industrial automation applications.

The 8″ industrial panel PC supports a multi-touch capacitive touchscreen or 4/5-wire single-point touch resistive screen. Capacitive touch screen panel PCs have extraordinary picture quality thanks to the use of a glass layer, suitable for smart city projects, such as IoT systems, and digital signage. For capacitive touchscreens, it is more sensitive to light touch due to register touch via the human body’s electrical current, so requires less operating pressure than resistive touch panel glass. Touch panel PC with resistive screens have excellent durability & resistance in harsh environments where have accidental stimuli like liquid spills or splatters are due to lower sensitivity than capacitive screens.

The Jawest’s IP65-rated industrial panel PCs offer surface waterproof and complete dust protection against contact and ingress. It ensures the panel PCs keep reliable running when they are installed in outside environments, such as public self-service kiosk machines, or some mobile devices equipped with this panel PC ensures operators complete the job without delay when they are covered in dust, digging in a mine, or on a windy day.

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