I-87084W-G 4/8-channel counter/frequency/encoder module



The ICP DAS I-87084W-G is a 32-bit high-speed Counter/Frequency/Encoder input module that offers a variety of mode options, including “Up Counter”, “Frequency Input”, “Up/Down Counter”, “Direct/Pulse Counter” and “A/B Phase Counter” modes. The mode combinations can be individual set for all 8 channels, where some channels can be set to “Up Counter” mode and other channels can be simultaneously set to “Frequency”, “Up/Down Counter” or “Encoder input” mode. The built-in digital filter is valid for both non-isolated and isolated and can filter out noise where the high/ low pulse width is smaller than the minimum high/low width of the digital filter. The ICP DAS I-87084W-G provides a virtual battery backup function in counter mode, and isolated or non-isolated mode is jumper-selectable.