GW-7557-B PROFIBUS to HART Gateway (with plastic case)


Key Features

• Protocol & Hierarchy : DP-V0 Slave
• Supports PROFIBUS Transmission Rate (kbps) : 9.6, 19.2, 45.45, 93.75, 187.5, 500, 1500, 3000, 6000, 12000
• Transmission Rate Setting : detected automatically
• Max Input Data Length : 240 Bytes
• Max Output Data Length : 240 Bytes
• Address Setting : 0~126 set by DIP switch or EEPROM
• Supports HART Mode : point-to-point / multi-drop
• Support HART Master : Allow two HART Masters
• Support HART Channel : 4 channels
• Support HART Frame : Short/Long frame
• Support HART modules : Connecting up to 15 HART modules
• Support HART Burst mode : YES
• Indicators : PWR, ERR, and RUN LEDs
• Network Isolation Protection : 2500 Vrms High Speed iCoupler
• DC Isolation Protection : 3000 VDC on PROFIBUS side


The ICP DAS GW-755x series comprises of PROFIBUS DP slave to Modbus TCP/RTU/ASCII and PROFIBUS master to HART slave converters. This series enables PROFIBUS master such as Siemens PLCs to communicate with Modbus or HART devices seamlessly. All models in this series are DIN-rail mountable and offers a built-in optical isolation of up to 3000 VDC.

The ICP DAS GW-755x series has a PROFIBUS transmission rate between 9.6 – 12,000 kbps and comes with three status LED indicators for easy maintenance. The ICP DAS GW-755x series are suited for industrial applications such as oil/gas, process automation, food beverage, process control and factory automation.

The ICP DAS GW-7557-B Gateway is specially designed for the slave device of PROFIBUS DP protocol. It allows the PROFIBUS master to access the HART slave devices such as actuators, current output devices and other devices. In addition, utility software are available for users to configure the ICP DAS GW-7557-B; this module offer users ability to seamlessly integrate HART slave devices into PROFIBUS network.