FXXPS-M043 Dual Video DisplayPort KVM Extender over SC Multi-Mode Fiber with Audio, IR, 1KM


Key Features

  • Allows Reliable Remote Access of a Dual-Monitor Computer via Fiber Cables Up to 1KM ( 3,280 feet )
  • DVI Video Supports Most Popular Resolutions Up to 1080P ( 4K when HDMI Adaptors Applied )
  • HDCP 1.4 Compliance Ensures Uninterrupted Video Playback
  • USB 2.0 Extension Transparently Supports Keyboard, Mouse, Camera, and Other Devices
  • Front and Rear USB Ports Allow Easy Access
  • Speaker & Microphone Extensions Empower Audio Playback and Recording Applications
  • IR Extension from Console Unit to Computer Unit Facilitates IR Control of AV Sources
  • Plug-and-Play, No Driver or Software Required
  • Support Windows / Mac / Linux / Chrome O.S.
  • Allows Wide Power Input Range DC 12~48V
  • Also Available: Models with Built-in AC (100~240V)


The Rextron Dual Display DP USB Extender consists of a Transmitter (USB Host) and a Receiver (USB Device) unit and extends dual DisplayPort, Two-Way Audio, USB 2.0, IR, and RS-232 signals up to 1000 meters over 2 multi-mode fiber optic cabling.

The Unique Audio Embedder and Audio Extractor functions are especially designed for video editing and content creation. The Dual DisplayPort supports both Duplicate and Extend application and provides multiple monitor setups to extend your desktop and expand the work area across displays.

Plug-and-Play USB 2.0 Peripherals Sharing
Dual Display DP USB Extender FXXPS-M043 provides 4 USB 2.0 ports on the front and the rear side of the receiver unit (Rx) suitable for both long-term and temporary USB peripherals connection and supports most of the popular operating system without any software or driver installation, such as Windows, Mac, Chrome and Linux.

2-Way Audio

Extender unit Bi-directional audio extension function is activated and independently transmits audio signal from the Transmitter unit to the Receiver unit, and vice versa. 2-Way Audio is of great importance in PA system especially in the case of emergency situation for notifying users in the control center and server room of operation issues making possible the remote communication and coordination.
Unique Audio Embedding/ De-Embedding Function
Audio embedder function embeds audio signal from a 3.5-mm analogue stereo audio source to DP signal and Audio de-embedder function extracts DP audio to a 3.5mm stereo audio. Rextron Dual Display DP USB Extender FXXPS-M043 allows users to diversely incorporate the audio signal for more informative contents such as video editing in adding or subtracting the voiceover sound and background music.
IR Extension
The IR function supports full frequency IR signal range from 38KHz up to 56KHz. Furthermore, the distance between the emitter head and the IR port on the unit may be extended to provide users a flexible and easy way in IR control system installation (maximum 3 meters IR cable can be purchased separately).

Serial Extension with Selectable Baud Rate Setting

Full-duplex data communication between Tx and Rx is the cost effective, hardware-based solution. The FXXPS-M043 provides remote access and control for all RS-232 protocol devices without any setup or configuration. RS-232 serial extension is suitable to be applied in digital signage, industrial or commercial office, smart classroom, and smart conference room.

FXXPS-M043 = FXXPS-043P (Tx, USB Host) + FXXPS-043S (Rx, USB Device)

Dual Display DP USB Extender-IO