EZR5003 3-ch Digital Input and 3-ch Digital Output Ethernet IO Controller


Key Features

  • 3-ch DI, 3-ch DO, Ethernet-based smart I/O
  • Built-in with SUNIX High-Performance Ethernet-IO controller
  • Built-in dual 10/100 Ethernet ports for Ethernet cascading capability
  • IP setting not required, enabling convenient and quick deployment configuration
  • Supports daisy chain network topology for flexible and quick I/O expansion
  • Automatic device enumeration mechanism facilitates terminal device networking
  • Hardware may be wall or rail (DIN) mounted


The SUNIX EZR5003 utilises the SUNIX EAZInet networking technology to quickly expand three digital input and three digital output signals via Ethernet, allowing users to conveniently implement automation, swiftly incorporate the Internet of Things into their businesses, and raise their competitiveness.

The SUNIX EZR5003 does not require IP setting and supports full network topology, which substantially lightens the burden of network planning and management, shortens the hardware deployment process, and enables subsequent expansions to be executed more flexibly.

The EZR5003 remote IO module is capable of automatic device enumeration, which allows the console terminal to quickly search for terminal devices, thus enabling plug-and-play functionality. This greatly improves the convenience of system development for users.